Personal Training - based in Munich

Since the first day I´ve started doing sports I just had one dream. The dream of being a real athlete.


My main attributions are volition and discipline. I have never been into a gym before I turned 20 years, training my body in several sports with a grand focus on triathlon and functional fitness. Today I´m combining all these elements, perfecting my training and performance with individual and specific gym sessions based on anatomy and current studies of sport sciences. My sporting career has always been coined by my special philosophy. The philosophy of being a real athlete means to have the ability to cope with quite every liability in a perfect and supreme way. Elitist athleticism implies for my to combine high power and force the same way like extreme endurance and also perfect speed. In practice, I´m not only a very strong and powerful sportsman. People are impressed of my amazing and elusively performances in endurance sports which could be seen as my prime skill and characteristic.


Training your body to an extraordinary standard, containing supreme force and supreme endurance is exactly the thing I would call my philosophy.

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  • I provide easy to understand information about current sports sciences, with supreme ways to get the best body of your life.
  • What you get are easy and fast methods of training like those I´ve been using for years now.
  • Working on you and your dreams, it will be completely individual for getting the best results based on your genetics. Therefore it´s not important who you are and which physique you currently have now.
  • I guarantee your improvement! Feel surprised when I show you things you certainly didn´t know and be proud of your stunning results!

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